about us

Dimovski Architecture is a boutique firm with over 20 years of intensive commercial and residential experience in the design and construction industry. Our scale allows us to focus more closely on each project, address all issues without hesitation and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our attention to design and technical detail can only be rivaled by our strong commitment to great client service. As skilled designers and problem solvers, our central focus is to consider the everyday needs of our clients and provide them with the most functional as well as “uplifting environments”.


Our principal involvement – from project inception to completion is accompanied by a well-integrated team of design professionals and engineers to ensure the best communication with top results.

 Our planning and design services extend to:

  • Building/Zoning Code Analysis
  • Corporate Relocation/Expansion Planning
  • Program Analysis and Space Efficiency Studies
  • Landlord/Lease Requirement Surveys
  • Construction Budgeting
  • Interior Architecture and Design
  • Contract Documents
  • Furniture Selection and Specification
  • Bid Analysis
  • Construction Administration

Our firm is committed to providing our clients with realistic solutions that not only meet their requirements – they exceed their expectations. Our overall design concepts are responsive to your identity and aspirations as an individual or corporation while maintaining realistic parameters of budget and schedule.

Certified MWBE By NY State File# 53350 | Member of AIA
Dimovski Architecture is licensed in the following states: NY, NJ, CT, PA, TX, AZ, DE



Sherman Park Little League teamDimovski Architecture is a supporter of little league baseball and for the past five years has sponsored a Sherman Park Little League team in the Town of Mt. Pleasant. Aside from the pure enjoyment of the sport and supporting their sons in the process – they recognize the importance of helping children build skills that will enable them later in life. Team dynamics, sportsmanship, hard work and dedication help build character and a work ethic that will translate into their adult life.

Dimovski Architecture was also excited to be a part of the winning dynamic when one of their teams won the 9-10-year-old Little League New York State title.


the mount pleasant educational foundation

Dimovski Architecture makes annual contributions to support the foundation through fundraising events, such as golf outings, formal dinners, and journal advertisements. The Foundation, as it has become known, works independently from the school district, raising and allocating funds for projects, equipment and materials beyond those provided by school resources. The Foundation assists in funding many programs that the teachers and students would like to have available but are unable to due to district budgeting.


the mothers’ auxiliary of iona preparatory

Dimovski Architecture makes annual contributions to support the Auxiliary through fundraising events, such as membership, formal dinners, and journal advertisements. The mission of the Mothers' Auxiliary is to assist the Christian Brothers and Administration by hosting, attending and supporting events within the spirit and tradition of Iona Prep, and the Blessed Edmund Rice, including the rendering of funds to enhance Iona Preparatory School. Additionally, the organization affords an opportunity for the mothers and guardians of the students to be involved in their sons' education.

Dimovski Architecture supports education and the parent-child-teacher connection.


office internships

Dimovski Architecture has offered a yearly sponsorship to a single high school student at Westlake High School, Thornwood, NY. The school offers an internship in lieu of classes where students get to shadow Paulette Dimovski and learn the industry. This 6-week program allows students to earn about 20-30 hours per week of invaluable hands-on time at a real design firm. The student is responsible to turn in a school project based on this experience. Dimovski Architecture considers this a great experience for a student to get a taste for real-life work in their fast-past environment.

other global charitable contributions

zooImage: Courtesy of the Bronx Zoo, NYCDimovski Architecture donates a small amount of yearly proceeds towards the Wild Life Conservation Society- a Bronx NY-based charity. The Wildlife Conservation Society, founded in 1895, has the clear mission to save wildlife and wild places across the globe. They currently manage about 500 conservation projects in more than 60 countries; and educate millions of visitors at our five living institutions in New York City on important issues affecting our planet. Our parks include: the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park ZooProspect Park Zoo and Queens Zoo.



DA+ has long approached design and construction with ecological consciousness. After all, remodeling is the highest art form of recycling homes. Responsible and sustainable design is a result of a creative and collaborative process that involves many disciplines:

  • reducing environmental impact
  • minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, reintegrating ecological systems and limiting exposure to harmful substances
  • helping to improve the environment through regenerative design

green-lightbest practices

Dimovski Architecture is committed foremost to safe workplace practices. That’s why we offer effective green construction solutions that help keep toxic chemicals out of your life for major and minor renovations. Specifying building materials such as:

  • bamboo flooring
  • LED lighting
  • Non-VOC non-toxic Paints.
  • Eco-friendly carpeting that also does not emit chemical odors


General strategies that our team will consider for your next project include:

  • Energy: increase levels of insulation in walls and attic, insulated windows strategically oriented for passive heating and/or cooling, sun-shading via overhangs or deciduous trees, high-efficiency appliances, furnace and lighting
  • Water: high-efficiency appliances and fixtures
  • Reducing our Carbon Footprint: When possible, local/regional materials sourced, rapidly renewable materials, and certified wood
  • Indoor atmosphere: low-emitting materials, thermal comfort, and daylighting

Green-carpet2roll out the green carpet

While carpets and rugs can be responsibly purchased and installed, the most eco-friendly flooring option is often avoiding them altogether. Here are some of the best alternatives:

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Cork flooring
  • Bamboo
  • Tile & Linoleum

green-houseFor a cleaner, safer, healthier home & city, Dimovski Architecture offers

  • one–on–one privileged consultations for clients;
  • selecting products for clients with their health and safety in mind;
  • selecting vendor sites and locations for sourcing materials locally;
  • a mindful eye towards reducing the carbon impact of materials and construction for our projects;
  • and making informed, smart choices for cleaner, safer, healthier homes and workplaces for us and our grandchildren’s children