corporate work

The industry has seen an increase in companies that want their offices to reflect their corporate culture, values, and overall identity. Our approach is to create dynamic spaces that provide the duality of serving as a tool in recruiting and retaining valued employees and improving their overall productivity.

dimovski architecture maintains a track record of ongoing client relationships and positive corporate client referrals. We regard these accolades to be the best testament to the quality of our firm’s services.


View some of our past projects where we've served not only as designers but also as project managers, ensuring a successful outcome.


collaborative spaces

Meeting the needs of a collaborative corporate space involves cleaver design solutions that often have to work for a variety of users. These spaces are often designed to facilitate large group work processes, efficient exchanges of information, and decision making.


media centers

dimovski architecture designs spaces that are thoughtfully created for the specific task of bringing our client's employees together in a video, audio, or computing environments. Gathering an understanding of the client's specific needs for workers collaboration and interaction in such spaces is often critical.


municipal projects

Our experience in the municipal realm extends to educational projects including additions and renovations to elementary schools, interior space planning for administrative offices, classrooms and libraries. It is our belief that architecture plays a critical role in providing a positive work and play environment by creating spaces that function well, have fluid circulation, and are exposed to natural light. As architects, we work with our clients to create buildings that will spark the imagination and foster an enduring love of learning.

dimovski architecture’s varied experience with these types of projects has provided us with knowledge of the State Education Department’s requirements and procedures, thus giving us the ability to meet realistic deadlines and to be proactive on required submissions to SED for approval.


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