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corporate project work

gallery of projects corporate project work View some of our past projects where we've served not only as designers but also as project managers, ensuring a succcessful outcome.

collabortive spaces

Meeting the needs of a collaborative corporate space involves cleaver design solutions that often have to work for a variety of users. These spaces are often designed to facilitate large group work processes, efficient exchanges of information, and decision making.

media centers

Dimovski Architecture designs spaces that are thoughtfully created for the specific task of bringing our client's employees together in a video, audio, or computing environments. Gathering an understanding of the client's specific needs for workers collaboration and interaction in such spaces is often critical.

mission critical

Our expertise in this arena has allowed us to synthesize the architectural design with the engineering needs in order to provide you with the best information and options possible.

residential projects

View a gallery of our past projects where we have turned wishes into realities for homeowners and continue our mission to create uplifting spaces where people live and work!





Solving the lighting needs of any given environment whether it's task lighting, workspace lighting, or simply decorative – Dimovski Architecture will select the most effective and attractive solutions.

design concepts

Dare to dream big and we'll fulfill that dream for you!